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Recording studios have many rooms all with different usages. Each room needs a specific treatment design based on that function. The acoustic treatment in each room must be specifically designed and installed to fit each room. Absorption technologies must have correct rates and levels. Diffusion sequences must match distances within the room. There is no one size absorption or diffusion technology that fits all rooms. All rooms must have balance in size, volume, and usage requirements.

Smart Acoustics
Invisible Treatment

With our new CAW technology, we can make your low-frequency absorbers invisible. Contact us today to see if we can integrate CAW into your room.

Predictable Results
Tested & Verified

Our acoustic treatment technology has been independently tested and verified by Riverbank Acoustical Laboratories and delivers consistent and predictable results.

Proprietary Technology

We produce our own proprietary open celled foam and activated carbon which makes our ACDA series the most powerful bass absorbers in the world today.

Maximizing Performance

Absorption for low frequencies is a must have in all small rooms. You must "go low and get a lot". You must get as low and you can as get as much as you can in every square foot of available space. Real estate is expensive and we must maximize performance in all areas of the room. Diaphragmatic absorption is the most powerful of all. We take the most powerful technology and get a 30 Hz. level with 35 % at 30 Hz., 63 % at 40 Hz. and 100 % at 50 cycles. We can build it in or add it to your existing room. 
Middle and high-frequency absorption for the reflected energy within our rooms must be taken seriously. We can treat it with either absorption or diffusion depending on the size, volume and usage of each room. Absorption rates and levels must be matched to music and voice. Overabsorbing is never the answer. Once the music and voice are over absorbed, they are gone forever. The individual rates and levels of absorption must be matched to usage. Diffusion frequency responses must be matched to room distance.

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Furniture Grade Finish

We use top-quality materials to manufacture furniture grade acoustical elements which will not only look amazing - but will last a lifetime and longer. All of our products are hand crafted and custom built to your project specifications. We can work with local contractors or produce, crate and ship from our own Shop.

Working with Natural Materials

Room construction must allow for a flexibility/rigidity ratio in design and construction methodologies. Rooms move with low-frequency energy and their movement must not be heard. Internal wall material and methods must move with the energy and stay rigid enough to work within the design parameters but flexible enough to return back to their original form and shape. Barriers must stop the noise from leaving and entering. Seven day noise time studies are required. We have to know what we are up against in order to stop it.

Natural materials work best for sound quality. Natural woods produce smooth and silky middle range frequencies and natural fabrics can compliment most rates and levels of absorption. Stone can be integrated into the treatment design to raise reverberation times and also contribute to structural densities which compliment our rigidity/flexibility requirements. Everything must work together and do no harm to voice and music presentations. Every variable of the 180 involved in treatment and noise must be addressed.

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