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After many months of demo units in and out of Westlake Pro, they realized the power of our technology in the absorption and diffusion domains. We started with large ACDA -10 units, followed up by large ACDA -12 units. Gadget, the VP was our focus. He had good ears and could discriminate between marketing hype and rear performance advantages. His room was 100 sq. ft. If we could impact unwanted low frequency energy in this box of 800 cu. ft., then truly we have something that lives up to its 2 dB / unit claims.
Diffusion technology also need to be addressed. I am amazed at the number of engineers who have little or no experience with diffusion technologies. They have used absorption their whole lives and most do not know the power of diffusion. Rear wall diffusion will open your eyes to a more defined and separated mid range along with a room rear wall that psycho acoustically extends to twice its physical dimension. Two dimension, quadratic modules for rear wall will illustrate these two concepts much better than I have words for. 
Los Angeles project studios are small. Freestanding , multi room studios are getting less plentiful in Los Angeles. Real estate is expensive in Los Angeles and the music market in shrinking down from larger studios with lots or square footage to smaller spaces that must multi task and do more with less relying on electronics more than room sound. However, even the best electronics must be heard in a room and that task will always be. The Westlake Pro module series of carbon and diffusion is our answer for Los Angeles acoustical needs. 
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Los Angeles, CA

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Dennis Foley

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