Studio 2020 Acoustic Re-Design

Recording Studio
Many working studios are like Studio 2020. They are older designs that have had low frequency energy issues that engineers and owners have had to work around low end issues at the monitoring positions. Room size and volume was taken into consideration when the facility was built but time and technological progress moves on. When 2020 was built, it took 48" of space to impact 40 Hz. Now, we do it in 10". The owners and engineers decided to focus on the room issues below 100 Hz. I also as I always do, got them to use diffusion on the rear wall. They had never used it in 30 years.
We needed over a 100 sq. ft . of surface area to deal with the peaks in the mix room. Numerous freestanding units were distributed at the proper surface areas that were causing the unwanted, low frequency, modal issues. A diffusion sequence based upon prime 17 was used on the rear wall. With both surface area treatments that combined performance and appearance, we were able to reduce low frequency modal issues by 9 dB and provide a rear wall with no time delayed slap back at the monitoring position. The engineer was so pleased and excited with his new room, he dis a twenty minute video covering all sonic improvements. 

Chicago, IL

Acoustic Engineer

Dennis Foley

Technologies Used

Acoustic Foam StudioPro
Acoustic Foam Panels