Sacred Ground Dedicated Listening Room

Dedicated Listening Room
Our flagship property in Los Angeles CA. It is a two channel listening room combined with a live end for instruments and vocal recording. Special attention was paid to room response in order to insure no more than a + - 1 dB  response from flat from 30 - 15,000 Hz. in a room that measured 15' x 9' x 27'. Musicians can play live, be recorded, and then hear themselves back in the same room acoustic.   
To insure this response, carbon absorption technology along both side walls. Carbon technology in the drum platform and even in the seated area. Carbon technology inside walls and diffusers. The ceiling producing both absorption and diffusion to minimize the impact of the 9' ceiling for middle and high localisation along with carbon ceiling modules to deal with the unwanted pressure produced from a 9' dimension. A variable acoustic format for the live end involving diffusion and absorption along with a front wall at a P-23 for diffusion from 185 - 3450 Hz. Resolution of everything was the goal and I got much more than I planned for. So much resolution, in fact, you can hear what the singer had for breakfast.

Los Angeles, CA

Acoustic Engineer

Dennis Foley

Technologies Used