Home Theater in Melbourne, Australia

Home Theatre
Home theaters present many acoustical issues. Most are too small to contain the full range of energy from multiple mono sources. Most are too small to contain the low frequency energy produced by multiple sub woofers. How does one deal with all of this energy from multiple sources in a room size and volume that should only support a two channel system. You must maximize performance in both absorption and diffusion technologies.
This project was a small room that was designed to sound larger than its size and volume. The client was informed that a two channel system would be a much better usage. However, the client wanted home theater so our task was low frequency management combined with middle and high frequency diffusion / absorption. Both absorption and diffusion requirements were met with our QDA series of products. Special bases were made to add additional low frequency absorption for diffusers, speakers, and equipment platforms. Two channel P-13 diffusion rounded out the rear wall. 

Melbourne, Australia

Acoustic Engineer

Dennis Foley

Technologies Used

ACDA-12, Acoustic Foam StudioPro, etc