Dedicated Listening Room in North Carolina

Dedicated Listening Room
To have the ultimate listening experience from two channel you must have absolute quiet. You must have quiet from your electronics and quiet from your room. You must have so much quiet that you can hear the quiet between your musical notes. You must be able to hear the darkness, that space between notes. That space free of noise. To accomplish this you must build a shell that is frequency and amplitude correlated for in design and construction methodology. Your ambient room noise floor must be 35 dB. 
To manage two channel energy in a room proper size and volume must be addressed. 27' w x 12' h x 31' l was used. This room size and volume is a minimum requirement that when coupled with proper surface absorption and diffusion treatment, can create a listening experience that maximizes stereo playback to a point of realism that is mind and body grabbing. Carbon to manage low frequency in walls and ceiling along with diffusion and foam technology takes this wonderful size and volume and turns it into a room that disappears. It is almost finished with only the rear wall diffusion left. Hopefully, the electronics can keep up with the room.

North Carolina, USA

Acoustic Engineer

Dennis Foley

Technologies Used

P-13 CSM
Acoustic Foam Studio Pro
Acoustic Fields Absorber Wall