Capitol Records Mastering Room

Recording Studio
After a recent rear wall remodel, Capitol's A mixing room was experiencing a modal issue from 125 Hz. - 185 Hz. The engineer, Robert Vosgien, had worked in the room for over 30 years. He knew what the room sounded like and more importantly, he knew he was experiencing a new unwanted modal issue after an unexpected remodel when he was on Christmas holiday. The contractor removed all of the low frequency absorption technology in the rear wall.
Diffusion on the rear wall was not something that Robert was used to using. I told him that we could incorporate diffusion and the necessary low frequency absorption within his room all in the same product.  Our QDA series incorporates our carbon technology for low frequency absorption and quadratic diffusion in the same product. Our QDA -11 was used across the rear wall. The QDA units provide 10 dB of attenuation. We used 10 dB of attenuation to squash a 10 dB peak. A long time engineer now has diffusion for the first time on his rear wall and low frequency broadband absorption in the right place at the right time. mission. Mission accomplished.

Los Angeles, CA

Acoustic Engineer

Dennis Foley

Technologies Used