Listening Room Design


Blissful Sound
is a Science

Listening rooms have special requirements. They must allow for all energies to be heard equally. They must have enough size and volume to let the low-frequency energies move without obstruction. They must have a strong central image that is centered, detailed, and resolute. There must be a separation of each instrument and voice is an instrument. Each instrument must appear and stay in its place within the total soundstage. The soundstage must extend past the speakers and go through the ceiling. How do we do all of this?

Smart Acoustics
Invisible Treatment

With our new CAW technology, we can make your low-frequency absorbers invisible. Contact us today to see if we can integrate CAW into your room.

Predictable Results
Tested & Verified

Our acoustic treatment technology has been independently tested and verified by Riverbank Acoustical Laboratories and delivers consistent and predictable results.

Proprietary Technology

We produce our own proprietary open celled foam and activated carbon which makes our ACDA series the most powerful bass absorbers in the world today.

Following the T.A.P. Principle

First, we select the correct width, length, and height to match our speakers. We decide what type of speaker we are going to use and then design the room around the speakers. All speakers do not work well in all rooms. We select the correct width and length to let the speaker radiation patterns fully form. Low-frequency driver number and diameter must be matched to room size/volume/usage. Every 2" increase in driver diameter is another 2 dB of energy. We can not put too much energy in too small of a box.

We must follow the acronym T.A.P. Low-frequency absorption must be the correct type. It must have the acoustical horsepower to absorb down to 30 Hz. It must be the correct amount of treatment. With low-frequency absorption, you must reach a critical mass. You must have accumulated enough to have an impact before that impact is even heard. You must place or position it in the areas of highest pressure starting with the front wall closest to your speakers. You must treat the whole front wall, not just the corners.

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Furniture Grade Finish

We use top-quality materials to manufacture furniture grade acoustical elements which will not only look amazing - but will last a lifetime and longer. All of our products are hand crafted and custom built to your project specifications. We can work with local contractors or produce, crate and ship from our own Shop.

A Delicate Balance of Energies

Middle and high-frequency absorption technologies address the side wall reflections. The sound at the listening position is a delicate balance between the direct or straight line energy from speakers to your ears and the reflected energy from the side walls. We have a primary, secondary, and tertiary reflections compliment that must be managed with the correct rate and level of absorption in order to achieve this time signature marriage and dance with the direct energy. Our center image and soundstage width depend on this.

Diffusion is a technology that takes a smaller room and makes it sound larger. Diffusion on the front and rear walls of our listening room make those walls psychoacoustically disappear. Diffusion design is critical. Diffusers do not discriminate. They give you back what you put into them, just like a dirty amplifier/speaker combination. You much match the prime number diffuser sequence and frequency response to the distance from speaker to the listening position. The front wall and rear wall diffusers must also work well together.

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