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Blissful Sound
is a Science

Many people think optimized audio is a matter of speaker placement and volume. At Foley Acoustics, “Sound is a Science.” Every room is different. We see each and every one as an opportunity to create an audio environment that leaves just you and your music alone together. Forget about the rest of the world. For us, its all about your emotional connection with your music. To accomplish this we use our own absorption and diffusion treatments.

Smart Acoustics
Invisible Treatment

With our new CAW technology, we can make your low-frequency absorbers invisible. Contact us today to see if we can integrate CAW into your room.

Predictable Results
Tested & Verified

Our acoustic treatment technology has been independently tested and verified by Riverbank Acoustical Laboratories and delivers consistent and predictable results.

Proprietary Technology

We produce our own proprietary open celled foam and activated carbon which makes our ACDA series the most powerful bass absorbers in the world today.

No guessing with noise. Measure twice, build once.

Every room is unique so it’s important to match the rate and level of low, middle, and high frequency absorption, and the frequency response of the diffusion with the room size. When designing the perfect home theater, noise is the first consideration. We determine how much outside/in and inside/out noise there is in the room. All noise regardless of its source location must be measured for frequency and amplitude. Barrier technology is 3 to 4 times more expensive in material and labor than absorption and diffusion treatment technologies so we carefully quantify and qualify through measurement.
We focus on matching the absorption type, amount, and position within the room to compliment the usage. Next, we move to low frequency management. Low frequency energy management requires the square footage requirement to match the intended usage. Most small rooms have + 10 dB to + 15 dB low frequency issues below 100 Hz. We bring that level down to a more manageable + 3 dB to + 4 dB level to be able to EQ. Middle and high frequency absorption and diffusion have many variables to consider.
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Furniture Grade Finish

We use top-quality materials to manufacture furniture grade acoustical elements which will not only look amazing - but will last a lifetime and longer. All of our products are hand crafted and custom built to your project specifications. We can work with local contractors or produce, crate and ship from our own Shop.

Proprietary Technology

As you know, sound takes on the characteristics of the surfaces that it strikes within your room. We need to know if it “likes” the materials in yours. Room design is a process of learned successes over time to get the correct balance and blend of materials. We’ve been doing it for 40 years as designers and builders so nobody does it better. And with Foley Acoustics, “good enough” is NOT good enough. We were so dissatisfied with the materials in the market, that we created our own carbon for low frequency and foam and diffusion for middle and high frequencies. They work 100 % as advertised – every time. No company can balance low, middle, and high frequencies within your room like we can.
How we can help you:
  1. Measurement & analysis

  2. Room design & planning

  3. Finding local contractors

  4. Assistance throughout the building process

  5. Tuning your room to perfection

  6. ...and much more

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