We are an audio room design company that has created its own technology for low, middle, and high frequency absorption. Our carbon technology is unique in its ability to absorb low frequency energy in small space requirements. You can build the technology into the walls and ceiling or use the required number of freestanding units. Our proprietary foam technology is unique in its absorption rates and levels which are more conducive to human voice and music. Quadratic diffusion rounds out our acoustical pallet with over 30 years experience using quadratic diffusion in recording, listening, and home theater applications.



Room size and volume calculated to match usage. All frequency and amplitude issues identified and quantified for both noise and inside room. External noise is measured in a seven day time study for both inside and outside noise issues. All low, middle, and high frequency issues inside the room are identified and treatment types, amounts, and room positions are identified. Speaker/listening positions calculated.



All barrier (shell) and treatment technologies specified through drawings which match the frequency and amplitude of all measured noise issues. Local contractors are used to minimize labor costs. All of our build processes are designed to be built by general contractors. No special skill set is required.



Standard building materials and construction techniques are used to minimize costs. Measurements identify the issues and materials compliment the frequency and amplitude numbers. Ideal builds involve separate foundations for barrier (shell) and treatment phases. The construction goal is vibration isolation, low frequency absorption along with middle and high frequency diffusion .



Before build noise numbers are taken to facilitate design of barriers. After internal noise rates and levels measured to ensure compliance with original noise objectives. Room size/volume/usage calculated to ensure the maximum volume to match usage and minimize the amount of treatment required to manage Rt-60 ad low frequency modal issues. After treatment response measurements taken to ensure technology compliance.


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