Music Rooms
Sound Management

Building dedicated music listening rooms as well as music production rooms (production, mixing, mastering, etc.) starts with choosing the proper acoustical treatment for your personal usage requirements.

Noise Reduction

If you're facing high volume noise levels in your industrial or production environment, we can help you to analyze and effectively treat the issues at the source, using state of the art noise dampening technologies.

Vocal Rooms
Speech Intelligibility

Call centers, classrooms and churches often face complex acoustical challenges. Speech intelligibility and reverberation times must be managed. We offer custom solutions, using our proprietary absorption materials.

Making Acoustics
a Priority.

With over 35 years of experience in the field, Foley Acoustics is the best partner for dealing with the acoustic challenges you’re facing in your environment. Contact us today!

Professional Analysis

Before we can start with acoustic treatment, our experts will analyze your room size and volume in your specific setting.

Custom Solutions

There's no one size fits all when it comes to acoustic treatment. That's why we design an individual concept for each client.

Industrial Applications

Using our proprietary absorption technlogies, we can significantly reduce noise caused by industrial processes.

Our Services

We offer a full range of acoustical services, ranging from design of personal music listening rooms to professional recording studios and industrial applications.

Designed for Perfection

In this private project, we wanted to create the most perfect dedicated listening room. Using the most sophisticated acoustical technology available, we designed a music listeing room like no other. It inlcudes front wall diffusion, sidewall absorption and diffusion/absorption units in form of our CSM modules all across the ceiling.



Sound absorption is used to manage or reduce peaks in low to middle frequency signals. Our diaphragmatic absorbers (ACDA series) absorb 100% at 50 Hz., 63% at 40 Hz. and go down to 30 Hz. For middle frequency absorption we work with our proprietary open celled foam technology.


To create the illusion of more space within a smaller environment, we can use sound diffusion technology to add 'extra space' without having to deal with the negative effects of a big space like reverberation and/or echos. Sound diffusion also adds an extraodinary separation to music and mixes.

Tested & Verified

Our proprietary diffusion and absorption technologies have been independently verified and confirmed by Riverbank Acoustical Laboratories.

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Absorption % Coefficient
Audio Engineers
Mixing with Confidence.

Mixing in a room without the proper acoustic treatment is a complex and tiring process which often leads to listening fatigue and mediocre mixes. We can help engineers elevate their rooms to a new level, effectively resulting in much less time spent on the mix, while improving the quality significantly.

Live Recording: The Next Level

Recording vocals or instruments in acoustical untreated rooms results in a chain of unneccesary working steps that could have been avoided in a room with correct treatment. Signals from propertly treated rooms need much less adjustments in post production while at the same time having a more natural and full sound.

Our Clients

Over the years we provided acoustic treatment and consultation for some of the biggest of the industry, including Sony Masterworks, Capitol Records and Westlake Pro. With over 130 private and professional rooms treated, we generated a vast database with solutions to common acoustical problems.

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